miercuri, 7 februarie 2007

Deloitte media predictions 2007

Deloitte has released their media predictions for 2007. This study examines 10 emerging trends sure to transform the media landscape:

  1. Making digital user-generated content useful—opportunistic media companies may reap the benefit from user-generated content.
  2. Profiting from participation in television—effective use of participation may have a significant impact on audiences, loyalty and revenues.
  3. Cracking China's media sector—media companies with precision, patience and understanding could prosper in China.
  4. Paper, pixels and profits—attaining the right balance between releasing content as paper or pixels could lead to a profitable coexistence.
  5. The digital tail comes in many shapes and forms—the long tail may get longer but the thick, short start of it may be most productive.
  6. Analog apples and digital oranges—balanced and directly comparable statistics of traditional and new media are essential to providing a clear comparison of the strength of each.
  7. Media’s never-ending chase for value—media companies need to second guess where the public's readiness to pay for content is going to lie.
  8. Fifteen megabytes of fame, one gigabyte of privacy—social network's commercial opportunity may be more around offering paid-for privacy than free fame.
  9. Video-on-demand may leave you waiting—video-on-demand may not be ripe for exploitation as typical broadband speeds mean walking to the video store may still be a quicker way of watching a blockbuster.
  10. Virtuanomics—the real world value of virtual world transactions will continue to rise but remain relatively minor.
Download the full report here.

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